Blackjack can be called quite old game it has been known in the Medieval Europe

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Blackjack can be called quite old game it has been known in the Medieval Europe


It has the second name “21”, but it has been spread all over the globe not long ago. In the first part of last century blackjack got its name and became extremely popular. All the cards have points, for instance the picture cards worth 10 points each and the other worth their numbers, but depending on the situation the ace can be counted as 1 or 11. Online blackjack is 21 point and when you collect it you win the game. But when you have more than 21 you bust.

All the gamblers play against the dealer and need to beat him in order to win the game, it happens when you have more points than the dealer and don’t bust at the same time. If you have the same points it is “push”. When some player collects the blackjack and dealer loses the game, it is paid 1.5 from the sum of the bet. When the dealer has the blackjack and win the game he will get all bets. The dealer need to collect 17 points and stop, in a case he busts he loses the game. But remember that at the same game the dealer can lose to some of the gamers but win the rest.

The game starts when the dealer gives two cards to everyone, furthermore one of his cards is lied face up, so the other gamer see it. When this card is ace the dealer gets many chances to become a winner, so the players can make the insurance. So you can get back a half of the original bet or lose money if the dealer doesn’t have the blackjack. In a case the gamer gets two cards which have the same rank, he has the opportunity to split them. It means he is given 2 cards more and continues to play two hands. But if the value of two cards is equal to 11, the player can double the sum of the bet, this is “doubling down”. In other words he faces up two cards and get one other faced down.

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