Slot Machines

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Slot Machines

Slot Machines.

Charles Fey was the developer of the first successfully working slot machine in San Francisco at the end of the 19th century. This first device was made of cast iron and had 3 internal reels, slot for coins and lever which was used for activating the machine. Because of the specific shape slot machine was widely known as the one-armed bandit. Very often slot machine became the integral part of the saloons, gambling houses and casinos and many retail stores.

Today we could hardly imagine the casino without slot machines, furthermore its initial design has changed greatly, any gamer can try multi-line, video or poker slots and understand which is the most interesting and exciting. Slot machines are constantly developed, that’s why they always attract attention of people.

Typically traditional slot machine has several reels with the number of symbols on them (usually from 10 to 20, but the correct number varies depending on the machine), when you pull the leaver the reels stop. All the reels slow down independently from each other, so all of them will display one of the symbols randomly. Depending on the symbols combination you see on the screen, you can win different prizes, the top jackpot can exceed the initial bet in a hundred times. Multi-line slot machine offers to the gamers some additional opportunities multiplying the number of the win lines. In a machine which has several lines, the gamer can bet several coins more in order to activate extra lines.

Nowaday almost all mechanical details of the slot machines, which have provided this work before, are changed by the special computer chips. It’s based on the random mechanism, which distinguish the combination which you will see on the display of slot machine, hence you understand whether you win the game and get some payout or not. In that way the result of any game can’t be predicted, when you play any slot game you should understand that your win is the pure luck. Sometimes when the gamer hits the small payout, he thinks the next spin can bring him the great prize, but there is no any connections between the wins and losses.

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