The Craps Game

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The Craps Game


This is the game which has been widely spread all over the world, it has been played in Ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe, America and some other regions of our planet for centuries. The name of the game has come from the French word “crabs” which means “dice”. The variant of the Craps game which we play nowadays has appeared at the 20th century. The name of its creator is known, John H. Winn who has decided to change a little the rules in order to make the game more interesting and thrilling. According to new rules gamer has the opportunity to bet on the result of the game whether positive or negative or try to guess the number which will be thrown or not by the shooter. Craps is extremely popular and attracts attention of the players both in online and land based casinos. This game is very emotional and sometimes seems to be too noisy and chaotic, but it has the specific structure and strict rules.

For playing Craps you use two dice which has 6 sides each, there are numbers from 1 to 6 on the sides, it means you can roll from 2 to 12 points, the number of combinations you can throw is equal to 36. The gamers play against the casino, but not against each other. Before the game starts all the players make bets, then all of them clockwise throw the dice. There is one rule when you are the shooter and it’s your turn to roll dice, they should strike the opposite side of the table.

Craps has the number of betting variants, so you can choose the kind of bet, for instance you bet on the line, these are pass and come bets, at the same time you can bet “against” the shooter, you bet that he will lose the game, these are don’t come or don’t pass bets. You have the opportunity to make bets on the result of the throw and try to guess some number. All kinds of bets have different house edges, and it means you will different payouts. If your chances to win the game are quite high it usually means that the payout you will get will be very low.

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